Holy Assumption Orthodox Church
(Commonly referred to as Saint Mary's)
A Julian Calendar Parish of the Archdiocese  of Pittsburgh & Western Pennsylvania - Orthodox Church in America.

Saints Peter & Paul Russian Orthodox Church - Pine Hill, PA 

 Tipple Road - Pine Hill (Good Town), PA  15530


Parish Background


The history of Saints Peter & Paul Orthodox Church begins during the period of the Russian Revolution and the years immediately prior to the Great War.  Many Slavic immigrants came to the Berlin, Pa., area to work in the active Bituminous Coal fields.  The Pine Hill Coal Company, like all coal companies at the time, regularly enticed Slavic families with the assurances of a better life in the new world.

The spiritual development of these new immigrants was placed in the hands of Father John Komar, who faithfully served the people of Pine Hill, placing them under the patronage of Saints Peter & Paul.  It was Father Komar who traveled from Pine Hill to Central City to establish the Saint Mary’s Parish in 1917.

For many years, Saints Peter & Paul Parish managed to support a pastor, until following the Second World War and the exodus of young men and women to more urban environments, the parish was coupled with St. Mary’s in Central City.  From that time until now, the faithful of Pine Hill have lovingly kept their church as a mission parish, serving the Southern part of Somerset County.

Several unusual features make Saints Peter & Paul parish truly a unique place to worship.  In the past decade, major renovation projects have restored the church to its original color scheme.  An illumined iconostas, imported from Europe and completed by the M. Jaronczyk Company of Chicago, is one of the very few of its kind left in the United States.

A truly beautiful parish rising from the coal-fields, Saints Peter & Paul is blessed with a rich history, devoted parishioners, and a positive outlook toward growth and development in the near future.


Schedule of Services


Generally speaking, services alternate between Liturgy (celebrated on the last Sunday of even numbered month during odd numbered months) and Pro-Liturgy (celebrated on second-to-last Sunday of the month during even numbered months).   Due to Father Elijah’s irregular schedule, visitors are asked to call him at 814-977-7397 for the exact date and time of services.   All services are in English with a limited use of Old Slavonic for Holy Days.